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The Self Love Project:
One woman's story is another woman's survival guide


Being the Change: Sarah-Jane Kelly

August 16, 2021
Sarah-Jane is on a journey to love herself, inspire self-love in others and shift beauty standards to create positive change for the next generation. TRIGGER WARNING: This article discusses eating ...
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Grounded in Care: Becky Lawson

July 22, 2021
  When the pandemic put travel to a halt, Becky feared for her future as a flight attendant. But reconnecting with herself led her back to her roots and revealed how she could carry on grounded. Be...
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Fake Hair, Don’t Care: Kim Dubs

July 09, 2021
When Kim started to lose her hair, she felt like she was losing herself, but through bravery, grit and resilience she gained more than she thought possible. Like most young women, Kim spent a lot o...
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Rebel with a cause: Angi Slonova

April 10, 2021
By the time she arrived on Aussie shores in 2017, German-born model and social media strategist Angi Slonova had spent years overcoming chronic health issues. Here, she shares how rock bottom becam...
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Loving the skin she’s in: Alex Lyons

April 10, 2021
After years of self-punishment and body-loathing, Alex Lyons is living the good life. We caught up with the straight-shooting blogger and wellness advocate to find out how she transformed into the ...
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