The Self Love Project

One woman's story is another woman's survival guide – and Powerpants is built on survival, strength and the power of self-love.
Read the stories of our everyday superwomen as they navigate their way through life's toughest curveballs and find their way back to confidence again.

Loving the skin she’s in: Alex Lyons

April 10, 2021
After years of self-punishment and body-loathing, Alex Lyons is living the good life. We caught up with the straight-shooting blogger and wellness advocate to find out how she transformed into the ...
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Giving Cancer a Makeover: Emily Somers

April 10, 2021
Emily Somers not only beat cancer (three times), but she also gave it a makeover. Learn how she created space and style for young cancer warriors by truly listening to her body, heart and her own v...
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Burning Out and Looking In: Rosemary Slade

April 06, 2021
Like many ambitious women, Rosemary Slade put work first. But when a day in the office turned into a day in ER that culminated in emergency surgery, she was forced to reset her priorities.
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Strength in birth: Helen Matthies

April 04, 2021
Helen Matthies never thought of herself as a resilient woman, but when she was tested with the preterm birth of her son at 27 weeks, she discovered how truly deep her well of strength was.
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Resilient heart: Arielle Nakache

April 02, 2021
Finish uni— find ‘the one’— get married— buy a house— have kids. This was the order in which Arielle Nakache expected her life to unfold, and all went to plan — until it came time to start a family.
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