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One woman’s story is another woman’s survival guide

Burning Out and Looking In: Rosemary Slade

Like many ambitious women, Rosemary Slade put work first. But when a day in the office turned into a day in ER that culminated in emergency surgery, she was forced to reset her priorities. Editors are expert curators. They bring together words and imagery that shape your ideas around certain subjects. As a Magazine Editor, Rosemary Slade

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Benita Bensch

Infertility, isolation and inspiration: Benita Bensch

When Benita was diagnosed with endometriosis at 26, she anticipated a rocky road to pregnancy. But she wasn’t prepared for the extreme struggle and isolation, which is why she created a community around The Art of Trying.   It was 32 months of trying for Benita and her husband Adam. That’s two and a half years;

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Helen Matthies son

Strength in birth: Helen Matthies

Helen Matthies never thought of herself as a resilient woman, but when she was tested with the preterm birth of her son at 27 weeks, she discovered how truly deep her well of strength was. WARNING: This article includes reference to infant loss. If this is triggering for you, please contact Beyond Blue on 1300

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Arielle Nakache features on the Sistahood Project

Resilient heart: Arielle Nakache

Finish uni— find ‘the one’— get married— buy a house— have kids. This was the order in which Arielle Nakache expected her life to unfold, and all went to plan — until it came time to start a family. Arielle was 30 and newly married when she and her husband Karim started trying to conceive. “I

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Giving Cancer a Makeover with Emily Somers of BraveryCo

Giving Cancer a Makeover: Emily Somers

Emily Somers not only beat cancer (three times), but she also gave it a makeover. Learn how she created space and style for young cancer warriors by truly listening to her body, heart and her own voice. From the outside, it seemed like not much changed for Emily Somers when she was diagnosed with cancer

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Creating Connected Communities: Sarah Parkinson

Sarah lost herself after the birth of her second child. Months later, her GP confirmed that she was experiencing post-natal depression. Physical programs in rural Victoria were limited, so she found solace in online communities. What she never expected was to create one of her own. Sarah’s second child was born just before her husband

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