Bham, We’re here to empower sistas.

Australian brand Bham launched in 2019 to create socially and environmentally responsible products that empower our sistas; our sistas who use the products, our sistas who make the products, and our sistas who benefit from the proceeds.

Kylie - Bham Founder - thefoundingsista

I’m Kylie, Bham’s founder.

This brand combines so many things that I am passionate about; the environment, ethical fashion, women’s rights, wellbeing, and supporting survivors of violence.

I want Bham to create products that empower women. I want you to feel good from Bham’s products so I’ve thought about all of the things that make me feel good; caring for our mama nature, surprises in the post (yes, brown paper packages I hear you sing), lush fabrics, comfy style, affirmations, and…. helping out a sista!

It’s amazing how damn good it feels to do good.